Annaprashan – For New Parents with babies of six months to one year

  • Beginning of solid foods month on month at early signs

  • Balance of Baby-led weaning and Traditional feeding approaches

  • Transition from puree food to family food

  • How not to feed: all positive feeding approaches

  • Nutritious and delicious weekly baby meal plans & 3 step recipes


You have limited choices to offer babies as first foods?


Baby is having constipation when new foods are introduced?


What should I offer the baby in the first months and move month on month with confidence?


Your baby is teething & you are confused to offer the ideal foods to offer? 



Be it be your baby’s first taste or introducing new textures, successfully and joyously eating with family, or building his immunity with every bite and you are raising a happy eater, then we are a good fit.


Shed all your fears and empower yourself before the motherhood journey begins

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what happy moms are saying

Dr. Rini Gogia

Deepti is an amazing listener and guides you beautifully through the process of starting solids for your baby. As a first-time mother, I gained so much knowledge from her that I could give her a diet that is healthy and beneficial for my baby. I would highly recommend her. 

Shruti Jain

Each session filled me with wonderful insight about filling my everyday meals with nourishment. The simple tips and tricks have helped my meal times become stress free and joyful. Also, a huge thanks for the one on one session, you patiently answered all my queries and your solutions were all spot on.

Dr. Aditi Agarwal
Mother of Gaurangi ( 11 months old)

Thanks a lot Deepti for the session that u gave me that day. It gave me the confidence to connect with you on a deeper and direct level to gain your knowledge and guidance to nourish my daughter better and in a more wholesome way.

Nisha Ratnakar

I have found Deepti to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition anything to do with eating habits. I trust her advice.The important of feeding baby healthy food & eating right food according to child age.She also made me realise that meals don’t need to be complicated & difficult, it really can be fast & easy. Thank Deepti I really enjoyed my session with you and I also recommend you to all new mom who are facing problems regarding diet and nutrition.

Charvi Sidhar

Amazing experience with Dr. Deepti. Visited at Apollo craddle for lactation consultation, she answered all my queries with patience and understanding my worries as a new mom. She provided guidance for the same throughout the journey till I became comfortable. Strongly recommended!!

Akansha Sood Jaggi

Deepti is very knowledgeable and tries to add variety to child's food plan keeping taste buds in mind. What i really like is to effectively create a food plan keeping growth needs in mind. Thank you for the association.

Apoorva Pahuja

Iam glad that I have a strong support system with me to guide me in the right direction. I have very limited knowledge about solids feeding and nutrition when I started. With Deepti's guidance, I have started to feel more confident about the feeding process. Deepti understands my point of view and provides me with wonderful suggestions to move ahead. I am happy that I found her. 

Salma Rehman
Mother of Inaaya (8 months old)

Thanks, Deepti for today's session. It's such a relaxing experience, as I was really worried about my daughter's nutrition and what to offer at this young age.

Your guidance has comforted me.

Would love to connect more with you

Vandana Beniwal

Dr. Deepti Arora is an excellent consultant for Lactation queries. I visited her at Apollo Cradle and she was more than helpful. Doctor listened to my queries in detail and then answered my doubts on each and every point. She honestly spent around an hour on just my issues, which shows her work ethics. She provided her number for any future doubts and even shared some useful articles for references. I would totally recommend Deepti Mam. Thanks Mam.

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