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Hey mama,

Your interest in connecting with me reflects that you are either a mama of a baby or the mother of a toddler or a new mom who just gave birth to a little angel. 

I am giving you all my time and would love to hear from you.

I have created two easy means to connect with me, I would love to support you in either way. 

The choice is yours, mama! I really want to talk to you.

Whether you are looking for real solutions to joyful breastfeeding &  wish a nourishing postpartum care plan for yourself or want to start solids with confidence to your six-month-old or desire to have all the picky eating solutions? 

Ask me anything? 

All my happy moms are nurturing joyfully, it’s your turn now!!!

Let’s talk!!

Check out suitable slots available.   

April 2021
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You will be looked after by a world-class pediatrician, a speech therapist, a Lactation counselor, and a child nutrition coach all in one spot. Welcome!

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