Deepti Arora
Lactation Consultant | Infant Nutritionist | Postpartum Care Professional
Deepti Arora - Child Nutrition Coach
  • Want to know more about the effective and exclusive feedings, latching, ideal positionings, and milk production guidance for your newborn baby?

  • You are pregnant and wish to have personalized breastfeeding preparation guidance before birth?

  • You are a new mom and you are confused about giving your six-month-old baby food or first solid food?

Deepti Arora Lactation Consultant

Deepti Arora is a certified infant & child nutritionist, and certified lactation counselor & postpartum care professional for new mothers with young babies (Newborns). She is a highly experienced lactational counselor and a member of ALPI, LLL, PSI & Mom Project 2020 and is a global key person in the field of lactation, infant nutrition and postpartum care.

How I Benefit My Mothers

Through my 1:1 signature programs, free pieces of training & guidance in my small groups, guided consultations with bite-sized solutions, my 1-minute videos on my youtube channel, Mom Meets Nourishment, through long term & short term self-paced learning programs for pregnant moms, lactating moms, and mothers with young babies. 

I happily support new parents who have a goal to exclusively breastfeed their baby, want to begin complementary baby food without any doubts and confusion to their growing child, want to have any kind of lactational recommendations on struggles during the postpartum period, or want to enhance their milk production by postpartum maternal diet in their first forty days. 

Offering FIRST TIME PARENTS plenty of opportunities to practice nurturing a baby and a new mother.

Client reviews

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vikas kumar
vikas kumar
June 28, 2022.
One of the best Infant Nutritionist consultant in Gurugram.
Nidhi Dalal
Nidhi Dalal
June 26, 2022.
I connected with Dr Deepti Arora for my 2 months old baby who wasn’t gaining weight as she should be and to address the issues with establishing breastfeeding as she was on bottle for first few weeks. She heard my problem in detail and guided me the immediate steps I need to take to improve baby’s feed. I felt so relieved emotionally and actually her suggestions worked!! I would recommend all first time mom to connect with Dr Deepti Arora for right guidance and support!! Thank you so much Dr Deepti for all your recommendations..l Starting Solids - I am updating my review after Annprashan program completed with Dr Deepti Arora. As all mothers know how critical and important Annprashan event is in your baby’s health journey. I had limited information ( mostly advices) from friends and family but was not confident how to begin. I was desperately looking for someone who can guide me for few initial weeks so that I can provide nutritional and banlanced meal for my baby. When I consulted Dr Deepti ( who is also infant nutritionist) all my doubts and fear got addressed. She guided me through various sessions and calls how to start my baby’s solid food journey so that she gets max nutritional value from the meals and gain healthy weight. We worked together on meal plans keeping my baby’s favourites as well as trying to include food items which she rejected initially. I also tried baby led weaning method under her guidance and my baby responded very well to it. If you are also looking some guidance on how to start solids for your baby then I surely recommend Dr Deepti for happy and nutritious meal times with your baby!!
Arti Kumari
Arti Kumari
June 24, 2022.
She is very friendly and supportive, never in a hurry, listen to the patient and support her. My overall experience with her has been wonderful...
pankhuri jain
pankhuri jain
May 20, 2022.
Dr. Deepti is one of the best doctors I have come across. She looks at the problem with a holistic approach and gave really good advice. Even after the consultation, she kept checking in if everything was alright and my bf journey was smooth. It's really hard to find such a gem of a person. Thank you doc for always being there :)
Pooja Asthana
Pooja Asthana
May 7, 2022.
I consulted Deepti for my almost 3 month old. I thought me and my little one had mastered the art of breast feeding, but as we crossed 2 months my daughter started fussing while feeding and her latching became very bad. Confused and stressed I reached out to Deepti after going through the previous testimonies by other mothers she had helped. Deepti guided me on the correct process of latching and feeding while helping me with positions comfortable for both me n my daughter. I highly recommend Deepti for all the mommies looking for guidance and support on this beautiful journey of breast feeding.
poorva sah
poorva sah
May 1, 2022.
Dr. Deepti is very knowledgeable and great nutritionist. She made the breastfeeding journey very smooth with her guidance and support. She helps and motivates new mothers a lot. I recommend her to every new mother. Thank you so much Dr. Deepti for all love and guidance.
Aanchal Garg
Aanchal Garg
April 18, 2022.
I contacted Deepti Mam for breast feeding problem for my 1 month old baby. She had listened all my doubts very patiently and cleared all of them with her great suggestions and advises. Now I find improvements within me. She is very kind and polite person. I spent almost 45 minutes with her. She also followed up me even after consultation and keep sending messages and videos which helped me in breastfeeding my baby.Would highly recommend Deepti mam to all the mothers who are facing challenges with their babies.
Sshefali Kothari
Sshefali Kothari
April 13, 2022.
Hey new moms, don't stretched more your breastfeeding problems. Deepti maam has all the solutions. Visit her as soon as you start your breastfeeding journey.
Anuj Sharma
Anuj Sharma
March 21, 2022.
My wife had concerns related/queries related to breastfeeding. Dr Deepti cleared all the doubts, she dedicated good amount of time and helped with better breastfeeding techniques. Her guidance gave true confidence. If you have any lactation related concerns, do consult her .


As a lactation consultant and postpartum care professional I assist women in improving their postpartum health,  prenatally and postnatally, experiencing well-being at childbirth, during the first forty days postpartum while breastfeeding joyously & six months onwards when they begin solids to feed their baby feeling confident, nourished, and being empowered to have a healthy family.

I believe that good health begins in the womb and the nourishment from day one can help steer a new life in the right way.

I’d love to meet with you to know about your breastfeeding goals and how I can support your lactational nutrition and health, whether you have just given birth, in the last trimester of your pregnancy, or in the first few years of raising a toddler!

I'm here to help if…

  • You want to know how to handle your baby’s optimal growth, age-appropriate food acceptance, and nutritional status, but you're unsure of how to do so in a way that ensures happy mealtimes

  • Your family is facing mealtime struggles such as not eating enough, picky eating, and power struggles with toddlers

  • Your child’s relationship with food is driven by fear, guilt, or stress & impacts the family environment

You have a fussy eater at home? We are supporting mothers with a self paced online toddler nutrition program.

Toddler Nutrition Program

It's absolutely new for parents with babies above 1 year
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Our services

I am your next door lactation consultant. When you work with me, you and your family will receive a personalized approach for parental care.

Your specific needs, preferences and input are always at the forefront, and I am here to be your guide, your lactation specialist.

our services are for:

Pregnant Mother- 30th week (last Trimester)

New Mothers nursing young babies

New Parents with babies of six months and onwards

Our Programs

The Mothering the Mother

Program for Pregnant Mothers

One to one guidance to prepare the mother for joyous birth and breastfeeding, postbirth and nourishing her nutritionally prenatally.

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The Breast Room

Program for New Parents with Lactating and Breastfeeding

Ideal ways to exclusively breastfeed the baby and a supervised breastfeeding guidance to a new mother until her vulnerable first forty days and enhancing her milk production.

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New Parents with babies of six months and onwards

Specially planned for first time mothers to prepare solid foods confidently to add nutritious varities including the essential nutrients for childs optimal growth at every stage from 6 months to 12 months.

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I look forward to coming alongside you on your journey!

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    Introducing on high demand by breastfeeding moms

    Enhance your milk production naturally with nourishing and milk boosting food & without any medicines. 

    Experience freedom from pastpartum hamorraghe, cluster feeding pahase, low milk production and growth spurts phase. Balance the milk production and exclusively breastfeed your baby as long as you wish

    My approach as a lactation consultant is warm and pressure-free. This is simply an opportunity to see if partnering together would be a good fit for your needs
    I want a postpartum diet plan


    How much milk is enough for my baby?
    DA – Totally depends on the age of the baby. A newborn needs 2-10ml for the first 24 hrs, 5-15ml for next 48 hrs, and 15-30 ml for next 72 hrs, and 30-60ml for next 96 hrs.
    My newborn is not gaining weight?
    DA- Babies miss on consuming calories in breast milk if the positioning is not correct and the baby is not latching ideally. Working on ideal positioning and latching with full areola in mouth and feeding the baby for 20 mins could help the baby gain weight eventually.
    How can I increase my milk production?
    DA- By shedding all the stress and taking extra doses of oxytocin. Anxiety impacts breast milk production drastically. Maternal diet boosts milk production when done with frequent hand expression and pumping during the day
    How do I handle my low milk supply issues?
    DA – Low milk supply can be for many reasons. In general, low milk supply can be boosted by a healthy maternal diet and frequent feeding by putting the baby skin to skin many times a day.
    How do I use a breast pump?
    DA- Pumping done before feeding and after direct feeding helps in stimulation of the breasts. Pumping can be done 3-4 times along with direct breastfeeding during the day for minimum 10 mins, 3-4 times a day.
    How do I maintain my milk supply when resuming to work
    DA- Pumping, storing and direct feeding will be your strategy to maintain your milk supply when resuming work.
    How do I train my baby for night sleep and breastfeed?
    DA – Feed little babies on demand including night, for minimum 3-4 times. You can also express milk to save your own energy at night.
    What are breastfeeding friendly meals?
    DA – Milk boosting meals are, dalia with dates, oatmeals, golden milk, lactation teas.
    Can I relactate and breastfeed an adopted baby?
    DA- Yes surely, you can.
    Helping a baby with breastfeeding who has a c section?
    DA- Ensure the baby is in touch with mother’s bare skin many times a day and learn self-attachment. Ideal breastfeeding positions (laid -back) will help the mother to feed the baby more comfortably.
    How can a father be supportive in exclusive breastfeeding?
    DA- Father can be supportive to a new mom by holding the baby skin to skin many times a day. By doing this, he will be establishing not only the bonding but also helping the mother to rest while the baby is with the father.
    How do I relieve soreness, and engorgement while feeding?
    DA- Frequently emptying the breasts during the day by hand expressions, and direct feedings on baby demand. Massaging your breasts before every feed will help in avoiding any soreness and engorgements.
    What is the ideal position to feed a baby?
    DA- Whatever suits best to the mom and baby is the best position. Few most successful positions are cradle hold, cross cradle, side lying hold and football hold.
    What could I give to my baby at 6/7/8/9/10/11/12 months?
    For 6 months babies- breastfeeding and pureed baby food will be ideal. From 7 months till 12 months, transitional food that includes chunkier foods, finger foods and moving to family foods by 12 months will be most preferred for young children.
    My baby gags, what do I do?
    DA- Gag is normal, be cautious of choking while offering food to little babies.
    How do I lose weight after birth?
    DA – Don’t diet for the first forty days. That’s the time for rest and restoration. Exclusive Breastfeeding helps in making your uterus contract and you can get back to your ideal weight slowly.
    Will you be available after my baby birth virtually and help me to initiate my first feed?
    DA – Yes, surely. I will be with the mother from day one of the birth, ensuring exclusive breastfeeding within the first few hours of birth. We also empower our mothers before birth in our prenatal program and continue to be with them for forty days of postpartum, supporting them in their slow and healing restoration and making sure they establish breastfeeding joyously which helps the baby to grow optimally.
    Will you give me infant schedules and feeding plans?
    DA – Yes surely. Infant feeding plans, pumping schedules and nourishing baby meal plans starting from 6 months to 1 year, a new parent will be supported every day.

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