12 Mealtime Essentials & Useful Baby Cutlery to begin with weaning from 0- 2yrs

Are you getting started with weaning? Be confident about the essential and useful cutlery for babies and toddlers from 0-2 years.

You have arrived. Congratulations. It’s the time to celebrate your child’s first foods of life. I can really imagine how concerned you are about THE BEST for your baby. 

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What could be your best way to make your weaning phase joyful ?

With little planning, you can make your weaning experience much easier and you‘ll be surprised how little tiny equipment you need to prepare nutritious, delicious first foods and beyond. 

I’m sure, your kitchen racks must be filled with a few basic ones for the family. Your careful choice to add on a few more for your baby will help you to make your mealtimes an enjoyable and positive experience for you and your baby.

Essential and Useful Cutlery – Must haves in your kitchen (with links to buy easily)

1. An Electric Hand Blender- 

Electric Hand Blender – Weaning Essentials (BUY HERE)

This is a great tool for making small quantities of baby food, and for pureeing family meals for your baby (you can freeze these in small portions and use them as you need them. A hand blender is essential if you don’t have a food processor. Look out for a model that has several speeds.

2. A Food Processor –

Food Processor – Weaning Essentials (BUY HERE)

This is an ideal way to produce large quantities of purees for freezing, & some also come with mini bowl attachments for whizzing up small quantities when required. Choose a food processor with a variety of blades for creating textured foods later on when a baby grows on and needs transition in food. 

3. A Masher –

Food Masher – Weaning Essentials

A potato masher, or even a potato rice (rather like a large garlic press), is perfect for creating lumpier textures. Look for a mini masher, making it easy to mash and crush small amounts of foods.  Ideal for fruits and steamed veggies in a textured form. 

4. A Silicon Ice Cube Tray – 

Ice Trays – Weaning Essentials (BUY HERE)

Ideal for freezing portions of purees in ice cube trays and tip out a portion or two to defrost when required. Choose a flexible tray with a lid. Perhaps consider buying several trays in different colours, which can help you to identify the contents. 

 5. A High Chair-

High Chair – Weaning Essentials (BUY HERE)

Choose one that provides good support, including for baby’s feet. Small babies require a padded insert and a five point harness is essential. Some parents use BUMBO seats- these does not provide adequate support and as they are made to be placed on the floor, they aren’t suitable for feeding. 

6. A Flask- 

Flask – Weaning Essentials (BUY HERE)

A wide necked flask, which will help food warm or cool for several hrs, is ideal for transporting food for your baby. This can also be used to carry hot water, which can then be used for warming baby food. Look for a flask that can be used in the microwave or washed in a dishwasher. This essential item in your kitchen is ideal when you are travelling with your little one. 

7. A Bib –

Bib – Weaning Essentials (BUY HERE)

Babies are messy, no matter how careful you are. Plastic wipe cleans bibs are useful, as well those with a curve at the base to collect the food that doesn’t make it to her mouth. Choose a bib that fits comfortably under your baby’s chin. Younger babies may prefer soft and cotton ones. 

8. Feeding Spoons –

Feeding Spoons – Weaning Essentials (BUY HERE)

Choose a soft, plastic spoon that won’t hurt your baby’s gums. It should be small enough to fit easily into her mouth and have a long handle. Special weaning spoons are shallower – they are specifically designed for the developmental stages of weaning. 

9. Small Bowls –

Small Bowls – Weaning Essentials (BUY HERE)

To begin with, you will need small food containers that you can hold in one hand- these are ideal for freezing, storing, and reheating food, and can also feed your baby from them. Choose ones with lids to ease out the transportation and make they are dishwasher safe. 

10. A Lidded Cup – 

Lidding Cup – Weaning Essentials (BUY HERE)

From seven months, milk and other drinks should be offered in a cup. Avoid the non-spill type as these require your baby to continue sucking rather than learning to drink. The liquid should flow freely but not too quickly. Some brands have specific flow settings, which can be set according to your baby’s age. Cups with soft, easy to grip handles are essential for babies. 

11. A Steamer –

Steamer – Weaning Essentials (BUY HERE)

Not only does this provide a quick and easy way to cook fruit, veggies, fish, poultry, but steaming also helps in preserving essential nutrients, making sure your baby gets the most from what she eats. 

12. A Mess Mat – 

Mess Mat – Weaning Essentials (BUY HERE)

Placed under your baby’s chair, this mat will protect carpets and floorings from inevitable spills. Choose one that is non-slip, non-resistant, and wipe clean. Large mats are ideal, as your baby’s firing range will undoubtedly increase as she gets older. 

I hope I have covered all essential items to make your mealtimes joyful experience from the beginning of the weaning. I would love to hear from you about your special kitchen tool or cutlery which you use for your baby or toddler, that is special for you and makes you efficient in your work zone.

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Wish You happy Mealtimes