mamamade Recipes : Healthy, Tasty, Kid-Friendly Recipes For Toddlers & Children


mamamade Recipes : Healthy, Tasty, Kid-Friendly Recipes For Toddlers & Children



Packed with the taste and varied flavors, bundled with love and nourishment, this ebook contains more
than 12 kid-friendly most favorite recipes of our home which reinforces the appetite, nutrition, and
expands variety to your child’s daily meals.
This mini ebook is an incredible beginning for every child who is at a thriving age and craves various
kinds of meals served with variety, fun, and nutrition.
Each recipe has easy and understandable preparation methods alongside pictures. Mamamade recipe
ebook clarifies each recipe for every age group from one-year-old toddler to a ten-year-old preteen and
even the teenagers will be able to put it together and relish it without much assistance.
From conventional puddings to fluffy pancakes and creamy pasta soups to chocolate cakes, the
mamamade mini recipe ebook entails a bunch of healthful recipes and the promising means to serve
variety, and nutrition together at the same time
This mini-book will be a favorite for working busy mums of toddlers, old enough to eat on their own,
great remembering for a homestay mom of a teen or preteen, for a loving dad who would love to bask
some time cooking together with kids, for a mommy of a one-year-old baby who is a picky eater, or for a
loving grandma who wishes conveying love to her grandkids via these homemade bunch of kid-friendly
Because ALL deserve JOY.
Mamamade recipe ebook contains
– 15 Healthy, delicious, nutrition-rich recipes for toddlers & older children
– Easy to make preparation methods
– A real guide for parents to bring the child hungry at the table & ensure the mealtimes enjoyable

P. S. Our special thanks to Dr. Raktima Chakrabarti( MBBS, MD(Pediatrics)for her endorsement for the mamamade recipe ebook.

“Truely awesome recipes, I recommend to all moms for developing a nutritious as well as delicious diet pattern for their bundle of joy”

Dr. Raktima has done Fellowship in Neonatologists (Germany)
She is a Sr. Consultant Neonatologists and Pediatrician at Apollo Cradle, Gurgaon.