New Mothers

Potent Postpartum Recovery: 6 Means To Rebuild Yourself After Birth


while composing this piece & penned an open letter to a new mother.

To a New Mother, 

wherever you are, whoever you are now & you are feeling to be heard, may this MESSAGE reach you.

For you, REST  is the most foundational part of the postpartum healing process.

Even if all your other needs are met, without stretching your body and mind cannot heal well

Say Yes to me!

And my dear one, resting starts with your state of mind: permit yourself to rest. 

Do you know? 

Rest can happen in micro-decisions, and you have the power to choose to nurture yourself. Be audacious & allow your higher self-guide you.

I am suggesting you here 6 ways to heal your postpartum days, naturally with self-help tools

  1. Choose to close your eyes for 5 mins rather than scrolling Instagram. There is a requirement to give rest to your eyes. SLOW  DOWN with your baby. Insta Reels can be saved but time will fly and soon your baby will transition &  when you will die to find time to close your eyes. 
  1. Dismiss yourself from a company so that you can breastfeed in solitude & quiet environment. Do you need approvals? Shed the fears of unsigned applications moving from table to table and getting upset. Anyone in the world can wait. 
  1. Pamper yourself a sitz bath rather than doing another load of laundry.  ALIGN. CREATE. NURTURE. Build an ecosystem in the family, take the help of your husband or a parent. See yourself as a primary nurturer & feel the love of all for you & sit back in the bathtub.
  1. Sit to meditate(in your balcony, let the breeze touch you, and breathe with a smile. You have done a fantastic job) right away when your baby begins to nap, rather than trying to get all the chores done first. BLOCK YOUR TIME. 
  1. Nourish yourself first in the mornings before your baby glues you. Ensure a smart pantry for yourself and leverage the first forty days to rebuild your strength to raise a happy eater for a lifetime.
  1. Choose co-parenting. Don’t be paranoid & allow the love with limits. Begin the journey with your partner or spouse and involve him in tiny little things of baby pampering. He would love to dip his hands in oil and give a nice warm massage to the baby (watch some videos together to ensure the gentle strokes) or he would love to put the baby under his Tee to warm the baby while you are resting. Choose co-parent & Heal Yourself.

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I am visualizing a loving family.

By making just a few conscious decisions to prioritize resting, rooming, rooting you will have an exponential effect on your mental and emotional health & in this way you can make your postpartum memorable with sweet memories. 

Doing less now will allow you to do more later. 

Your nervous system will learn how to rest and will become more resilient.

Believe it, Mama. 

I’m standing beside you, applauding for your nourishing life ahead. Don’t hesitate to connect with me if you ever need hand-holding and a real enactment. I am SO ready to walk through the journey jointly with you

P.S. My illustrations are devoted to you. 

Yours Nourishing Partner 

Deepti Arora