New Mothers

Postpartum care is not a luxury for a new mother. Know 5 means to nourish new parents

Why is it so needed in the world? Each and every mother needs it whether she is a gravida 1 or 2 or 3, or white or black or brown. 

Did you feel it? I did!. 

I have consumed the whole weekend deep-diving into a dialogue with myself and have communicated my emotions.

Deeply felt it and truly can shout from the rooftop now & declare that I am so ready to nurture the mother who desires to be HERSELF now & forever.  

I visualize and set an intention for her slow and nourishing postpartum journey and affirm that every new mother will experience the post-birth transition, she would be able to create her own postpartum rituals and her motherhood journey will be filled with richness, depth & insight.

Ya, you are getting the right reasoning. I’m not talking about a Jhapa, not a doula, not a night nurse who has stitched lips, down-headed, massaging you and your baby giving you nodded head and pleasing you even when your heart is burning to speak & say NO. NO to the old rituals, NO to the piling love, NO to the unwanted people, NO to the unnecessary interventions, NO to the unplanned and unwanted ways to raise a little creature in your hand.

Instead, saying YES to guided nourishment with resting, rooming, and rooting, saying YES to co-parenting and together raising a baby, saying YES to deep companionships of a husband, and allowing all the love, warmth, and blessings. Saying YES to guided insights for parenthood, nourishing after birth nutritious diet. Saying YES to receive liberal love of parents and parents-in-law. Saying YES to all pampering to a mother and for a father too.

I have all that in my nurturing container for you. I will be your postpartum mentor & giving you hands-on support in setting the smooth & slow transition to motherhood & fatherhood with an expansive hand-holding of a postpartum nourishing diet for a mother that focuses on her healing & recovery.

Gentle, mindful & intentional care for new mothers, fathers & babies. This is the essence. 

Now, what does that mean? Let me give you a deeper sneak peek at mother’s 1:1 mentorship engagement with me. 

A tiny story…

My phone rang with an abrupt and impatient voice.

” I have to bounce back”,

“And seriously I have no idea how to do it.”

“I have a two months hungry baby at home, I’m a nursing cow, living in a tired mind & body”. 

“My body wants to slow down”.

 The lady is suffering. 

There is an immense amount of pressure to get your body back,  get your job back, get your life back. 

The sad story is –

Many unsaid conversations, stuffed emotions, a perfect mother syndrome steers to restraining the baby from breastfeeding too early, steers to getting too rough on yourself to be able to hold the presentations in the boardroom hastily direct to accomplishing as a  strong mother with quietly stuffing the whole bundle of emotions & much more…

Sad!! Very sad….

It doesn’t have to be that hard. That’s why a 1:1 slow post-birth transition mentorship is so needed in this world. 

I have five fire reasons to show you how much you will be loved in 1:1 mentorship for the first forty days. 

1.Mothering the Mother can reassure you to be a stronger, braver, more beautiful & powerful version of yourself.

2.Caring for the person who deserves honour, respect &  so much tender to nurture care. 

3. Nourishing a person who is worthy of love & support on every level as they do the most important work of bringing a brand new human being into the world. 

4. Raising a healthy mother and a healthy baby who deserves a nourishing morsel in every bite. 

5. Co-creating the new parenthood love-filled container where a new father learns to make a difference to his lifelines. 

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How passionate I am about …

Setting an intention for you, seeding commitment & compassion for you. 

After committedly working with new parents for more than 8 years, I have chosen to devote myself wholeheartedly to the one on one focused care of mamas. 

For mamas who are gonna start the motherhood journey or new to this eternal journey, I am passionate to make a difference in their postpartum journey. 

In mothering, the Mother, I am ensuring the first few weeks after giving birth are a time of peace, joy & comfort. 

As a qualified maternal mental health mentor, maternal nutrition educator, baby nutrition coach, I have a range of offerings to support you over this special and transformative time of your life – your childbirth year. 

Whether you are a new mum, needing a loving guide to navigate this unknown land, or a second or third or (4th) time parent who knows the importance of ensuring you are cared for optimally so that you can enjoy the special first few weeks with your baby, I would love to help. 

For your slow postpartum, for your nursing struggles, I invite you and your partner to contact me to discuss your postpartum goals and all nursing, feeding challenges, and set a plan to ensure the first few weeks following your birth are a time of peace, joy & comfort.

If you have a baby due later in 2021 or early 2022 or you have a little one in your lap & want to have focused and personal nourishing postpartum care planning then I would love to hear from you. 

Much love

Deepti Arora