New Mothers

Postpartum Essentials For New Mom

Congratulations mom! You did it.

You birthed a baby, you birthed yourself into a new phase of life. 

Cultures all over the world have honoured this sacred time, following birth and allowing a new mother to take rest, feeding them, nurture them, and offering healing hands. 

Savouring the motherhood can be overwhelming and difficult at times. And though resting and nourishing ourselves can be a herculean task, this part will go through specific tools and suggestions that will help you to attend to the five universal postpartum needs – rest, nourishing food, loving touch, spiritual companionship and contact with nature– to help you through this time fortified and whole. 

Yes !! you heard it right! I am talking about your ME TIME  care(loving yourself, even before your baby) after your baby’s birth. 

You deserve it, you are newly born too like your baby. You are a new mom, nourish yourself by giving yourself truest forms of nurturing, oiling, and healing. And you deserve ALL. 

Today I wanna tell you oiling (loving touch) is another form of loving yourself. Yes, you too need it, sweetheart along with your baby. 

Oil is Love 

Essential Oil For Postpartum Care

In Sanskrit, the word for oil is Sneha, which also means ‘love’.  Because when we give birth, our inner system outbalances and tends towards dryness, dullness & tiredness, that’s why in European, Chinese,  Indian, or middle east countries new mums are encouraged to oil, aka love their bodies through comfort foods and massages. 

a lot of!!

How Oiling Soothes The New Mom

 The heavy, soft, and smooth qualities of oils help to soothe the light, hard, and rough qualities that our birth hormones provoke during this postpartum phase. 

Also, eating healthy fats in the form of at least a tablespoon of grass-fed ghee, butter, or coconut oil with each meal is recommended for new moms, and even more,  when constipation or any kind of dryness is present. 

The oils nourish your tissues and help to strengthen your nervous system. If you are used to a low-fat diet, this tablespoon of fat with each meal probably seems like way too much. Don’t worry: all fats don’t make you fat. Ghee, butter, and coconut oil are soothing and will contribute to the healing of your tissues & transferred through breast milk. They will also contribute to your baby’s brain development. This is essential.

Another way to oil your body is through massage.

Touch is a huge healing approach to postpartum healing.

Abhyanga,(an ayurvedic approach to postpartum) or oil massage is recommended for the first forty-two days. Yes, it’s a daily gentle massage for you!

Doesn’t that feel like heaven? ♥

Oiling is Healing

Soothing rhythmic massage in postpartum is a necessity, not a luxury for a new mom & assist her to restore the nervous system & get rid of the toxins accumulated during pregnancy.  

No fads. Sesame, almond, coconut, and apricot oils are known to calm your tired body & help you remain centred and nurtured. Wherever you are, in whichever part of the earth, heal your inner systems in whatever way you wish. 

”But, I am alone. I don’t have someone to massage me, Is that you are saying to yourself now?

Hold there!! I am sharing with you easy and comforting ways to oil you, aka, love yourself. 

Ways you can implement mother warming at home

♥ Treat yourself to a self-massage. Standing in a warm bathroom or sitting on a towel you don’t care much about, cover yourself generously with your chosen oil. 

♥ Be sure to warm it up by running the bottle under hot water first or placing it in a bowl of hot water for a few mins before beginning your message. 

♥ Start at the centre of your body and move outward, to the limbs.

♥ Use long, gentle, loving strokes, and circles at your joints.

♥ Massage your abdomen in a clockwise motion that follows the direction of your business. Don’t miss your scalp. After about fifteen minutes, enjoy a warm bath or shower. 

♥ Make sure to rinse your feet first, so you don’t slip.  Designate a towel as your post-massage towel because eventually it will get ruined from all the oil. 

♥ Taking herbal baths with fresh or dried herbs such as rosemary, chamomile, ginger and warming yourself in warm clothes and socks afterward. 

♥ Using a warm water bottle on your lower belly and lower back 

♥ Staying hydrated with herbal teas rather than cold drinks

♥ Try belly binding

These are the healing ways to be joyful in your ME TIME care, you need all the love along with your baby. 

Today, all the love is for you. Because you matter!! my next blog will be baby care for sure along with more postpartum care for you

Immerse and soak yourself today and always in love. Share the message with the mum who needs love and healing. 

And if you are looking for handholding & want to talk more about your postpartum care plan and nourishment, we can have a connection call at your comfort level. 

Till then,

Much Love, Deepti 

P.S.Remember, Oil is love!