A Real Story of Fatherhood: How a new father made a difference after-birth to his wife.

It’s said that when a mother holds a baby or coos the little one a huge amount of hormonal boost happens in her bloodstream. This is scientifically proven, tested by millions, and validated by even more. 

Does this happen with Dads? 

Yesterday in a vulnerable interview of mine with a new dad, I glimpsed the crystal heart of a father for the first time in my work life. 

56 inch strong and robust, vulnerable & humble, smiling with moist eyes as if he has pressed the button of his life’s film. 

I heed the sounds of his breathing calmly when he started confiding his story, I witnessed his whispering voice becoming passive and vulnerable, then furthermore saw the elevated tone of his emotions when he shared his joy cooed his baby for the first time. 

His sentiments were a medley of joy, worry, surprise, affection, strength, maturity, conviction, faith, failure, hassle, vulnerability, ambiguity, & fulfilment. 

In everyday circumstances, when life stories were becoming memories,  he was loving,  even more, his wife. 

He was ensuring her wife gets immense care and love, so he aligned her wife with her parents for deep nourishment. 

He stood tall to nurture his wife against norms to bounce back in her body, in the kitchen, at work. 

He was the embarkment between the conventional love of the world, him & his wife.

So many times slept alone with his older one, so missed her at night, he missed those laid back conversations with his wife when he really needs her to soothe him after a hectic day. He, even more, loved her every day, without telling her. 

He shared a blanket with his toddler and set intentions for the next day. I witnessed his strength. 

He cuddled his stubborn & aged father when he became a new father

He winged his lonely sister, when he understood, what’s fatherhood means.  

He evolved with  his parents- in-laws when he realizes the joy of becoming a parent

He coached his employees when he became a parent to them.

He won the tournaments when he celebrates the fatherhood

He co-travelled with his fellow coaches & he learned the power of being grateful. 

He simmered rice and beans when he realized what is exactly the low levels of haemoglobin are. 

Fatherhood things: Dad playing with his baby
Dad playing with his baby… Just Fatherhood things

He became a toddler with his toddler when he cherishes his childhood and becomes a toddler with him. 

when his wife was arching with the discomfort of birth  & finding herself again, he just wanna say I love you, with a warm cup of coffee for her every morning.  

Gawd! I was teary and smiling at him. 

For the first time, I heard a father who just wants love and has a heart full of love. 

Dads too get oxytocin boosts,  when they hold baby, making skin to skin to skin contact with the baby, and want to get a warm hug, and a good night kiss when stretches in the night. 

Today, dear mom, I want to tell you..

I am dedicating this real piece of love and respect, appreciation, and blessings to all new dads who need a lot of stimulus from mothers.

It’s the opportunity for you to co-parent the baby jointly and cheer up for each other,  for each strong steps mom and dads are taking towards the nourishment of a baby. 

This will surely will keep the impetus elated and dads will begin to take the responsibility not as a duty but as an outcome of your love and faith, they will understand the unsaid. 

You both are on a new journey. Make a parenting plan together & make it predicted to each other beforehand and love even more as ever to nourish & nurture each other & the little creature in your lap. 

New dadas are shy and a little scared.

Leave them alone with a baby to bond together. That’s the time when your body needs you. Be home at that time. 

Fatherhood nurtures with love & so as motherhood

Yours Nourishing Partner 

Deepti Arora