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BREASTFEEDING DURING COVID 19 – Know how to take care of a newborn in these challenging times of pandemic

In these challenging times of Covid-19, newborn babies are most vulnerable as their mothers. As the pandemic is rapidly growing, so are their doubts to protect themselves, their babies and all the queries related to breastfeeding are becoming their major concerns. 

Dear mother, I’m wishing all the perfect health for you and for your baby today and always.

If you are reading my blog, I hope that you and your baby are in great health, & I recommend you to read it till last to comprehend and take all the precautions to protect yourself and your baby in these tough & harsh times. 

And if not or you know someone who has loads of queries about breastfeeding during covid -19, then this article on mine will be enormously beneficial to you. 

All national and international health organizations unanimously recommend that irrespective of a new  COVID STATUS

All New Mothers & Babies – 

  1. Should be put on immediate skin-to-skin contact after birth. 
  2. Should initiate breastfeeding at the earliest. 
  3. Should practice exclusive breastfeeding for 1st six months of baby’s life and continue till a minimum of two years. 


The motive, behind these guidelines and recommendation is —-

  1. The research shows that coronavirus doesn’t get transmitted via breastmilk.
  1.  When a new mother who is breastfeeding gets infected by a coronavirus, her body starts producing disease-fighting chemicals which are antibodies, & are also secreted in breast milk, thus providing readymade medicine for the baby against the virus. 
  1. Breastfeeding is the normal healthy food for a baby and helps in building up a baby’s immunity. 
  1. Choosing  Breastfeeding over Bottle Feeding ensures enhanced health of both mother and baby
  1. Do not deprive your baby in his first 1000 days from getting the highest source of nutrition by breastfeeding . 

Sharing Some Frequently Asked Questions By New Parents-

Q 1. Iam corona positive, & I just delivered a baby, what should I do now to protect ourselves? 

A. Keep your baby close to you, have lots of skin-to-skin, breastfeeding on demand before crying, wear a well-fitted mask, maintain proper hygiene before and after feeding and holding the baby. 

Q 2. I am a corona positive and a new mother, can someone/ partner feed my hand-expressed milk to my baby, or If I can pump out and give it to my partner to feed my baby? 

A. Yes, sure. Ensure that the person is corona negative and asymptomatic. If you are able to directly breastfeed, please prefer that.  

And in case you are hospitalized, and not able to directly breastfeed, then YES, express milk regularly and send breastmilk for your baby. 

Q 3. What could happen when a corona positive mother could not feed directly from breastfeed?

A. A corona positive should be helped with expressing out the milk regularly & sending it to the baby. Once she starts feeling better, encourage and support her to breastfeed. 

Q 4.Iam covid positive, can I Relactate?

A.Yes. Ensure healthy and nutritious meals &  frequent hand expression to build up your milk supply. 

Q 5. If iam covid positive, what are the chances for my baby to get infected too? 

A. They can get infected mildly, with no symptoms at all, or get sick sometimes. Since young babies can’t wear masks due to small airways, the only way to protect them is to take all the measures at home and in public. Avoid large crowds and keep a safe distance from other people. Wash your hands well often, especially when you are holding a baby after work. Wash your hands before preparing for breastfeeding and preparing bottles. 

Q 6. If my baby catches infection, what kind of illness can be expected?

A. Majorly, you will notice breathing trouble, fever, or symptoms of sore throat and cough. You must consult with your doctor without delay and let him/ her decide you need home treatment or the baby via telehealth visit or have to be treated at the hospital. Have only one person to treat the sick child. 

Q 7. Will my baby need hospitalization if he is infected? 

A. Depending on your baby’s symptoms, if he is asymptomatic and has a  mild presence of fever or cough or has trouble in breathing, your doctor might advise you to be safe at home and carry on with desired medication. Or he/ she might want you to visit them based on the baby’s symptoms. 

Q 8. What hygiene measures shoud I take to prevent the baby from getting the infection? 

A. Ensure frequent hand wash before preparing the food, holding the baby, and before and after feeding. Wear well-fitted masks while feeding and keep a distance from others to protect yourself and your baby. Avoid close contact with anyone who has a cough or cold. 

Q 9. How do I take care of an infected baby? 

A. Breastfeed is your solution. Your infant may not feed for their normal duration, give smaller feeds to provide both hydration and comfort. Let him rest to recover fast. 

Hope you’re feeling relaxed by having all the answers with you. If you feel to understand more and some specific queries related to breastfeeding, I would be happy to help you in all your queries related to breastfeeding during covid 19 along with anything you wish to ask about your lactational phase. 

Happy Breastfeeding !