Raise a Baby Foodie – Baby Nutrition Online Program



   I see you. I feel you. I hear from you. 

You are not just another mother…you are so different!

You are SO done with…
  • Doubtful, fearful and failing in introducing nutritious, varied and structured  baby meals
  • Raising an unhappy baby with Illness & low immunity.
  • Working & feeding like a mad mother and barely getting time for yourself. 
I know this…

♥ You’re worried, that time is slipping away and you are running out of ideas on how to joyfully nourish your baby month on month with nutritious and delicious baby foods.

♥ You are so done with all the irrelevant online and offline advice that makes you feel tired, failure, and mentally sick to execute.

♥ You tried all the best baby recipes, google supported you for a short period of time.  You are tired, you all day nurse, you’re barely sleeping, you are hardly dating.

You worry if there is something wrong with you.

You are scared of even expressing your true desires of resting and nurturing your baby with new patterns of joyful nourishment because you are so worried about the judgment of your friends and family members.

I was exactly been there, where you are right now- 

I knew I wanted to have a planned baby food meal for every day, loaded with variety and nutrients for his optimal growth, but I was so afraid of my failed & negative mealtime experiences that kept myself safe and stuck with offering the limited variety which I know and was fair enough to satisfy the hungry child every day. 


It’s time now to change. It does not have to be so hard, I have a better way for you. 

Benefits of the Baby Nutrition Program

1. Absolutely right infant and toddler nutrition required during the first 1000 days of life.
2. No emotional upswing and confusions while introducing new foods at any stage.
3. Hassle-free, guilt-free, and stress-free days for new parents 
4. Bang Solutions for Picky Eating 

Not only is all of this possible for you, because I have created an easy and implementable new baby nutrition program to benefit you without the heartaches & rolling tears. 

Raise A Baby Foodie – Baby Nutrition Program

1:1 online mentorship ( monthly engagement of two months, according to your child’s age) will make you a pro- mama, an expert in preparing delicious baby meals without any confusions & doubts, fills you with confidence,  shift your personal lives and you will have more time to experience a rhythmic life. 

Raise a Baby Foodie has everything you need :

  • An easy introduction to the first foods to finger foods & beyond.
  • Baby Food Preparation Methods 
  • Baby-Friendly Food Plans along with recipes 
  • Ideal sleeping schedule guidance 
  • Ideal establishment of healthy eating habits from day one 

What’s exactly is inside the program : 

Stage  1  – Joyful Beginnings 


First stage Baby Foods -6 to 8 months 


What you will get in:
  • Complete handholding of introducing well balanced weekly baby meals plans + a deep dive comprehensive guidance on nutrition, joyful breastfeeding transition, right feeding approaches to bring child joyfully to the table & trying new foods at the right age. 
Bonuses –
  1. Nourishing weekly Baby Meal Plans 
  2. More than 20 baby friendly  nourishing foods e-book


Second Stage  Baby Foods – 8 to 10 months


What you will get :
  • Detailed understanding of introducing transitional foods to enhance the rapid growth and development of the baby
  • Planned & structured nutrient-rich baby meal plans
  • Ideal baby portions & introduction of transitional foods with confidence. 
  1. Nourishing weekly Baby-friendly  meal plans 
  2. More than 20 baby food recipes ebook with transitional foods to accelerate growth and brain development.
Third stage baby foods – 10 months to 12 months 
What you will get in:
  • Successful Eating with gentle adaptions to family-style eating
  • Detailed guidance on all significant nutrients and healthy fats for adequate health and well being of the baby
  • Gentle transitioning into a toddler phase.

1. Nourishing weekly baby meal plans 

2. 20 Baby Finger Foods Recipe e-book for enhanced immunity & stamina. 



What’s Inside the Program



In a 6 months online learning program for new & first-time mothers at every stage, you will be hand-held every week with any of your feeding challenges. 


 Unlimited WhatsApp and messenger guidance & support throughout your entire membership at any stage!


I am there to look over your baby meals, baby early behaviours, sleep patterns, gentle growth patterns or just anything else related to you or your baby's eating habits and nutrition.


Lifetime access to all of the learnings, resources, bonuses and live calls on FB learning Portal + a BONUS Program for 1 year to 2-year-old toddler's healthy eating and enhanced immunity- Raise a Happy Eater


We are magically empowering  mothers to raise a healthy and happy eater from day one

You are not ready for a long term commitment now. No worries at all. 

You can still have the access to me and receive bite-sized solutions to all your concerns via one time time  consultations. 

Let’s connect!!

Why Work With Me?

Deepti Arora - Child Nutrition Coach

You are so ready for changing the old patterns of feeding the baby.
You are so done with daily failures & uncertain interference, fake recipes, and surface guidance’s.
Own your power. And bring the SHIFT in raising your child. 

You Matter 

I am Deepti Arora, an infant & child nutritionistlactational counsellor & postpartum care professional for new mothers with young babies (just born)

Proudly work with APOLLO CRADLE, Gurgaon as a lactation consultant, postpartum care professional  & INFANT nutritionists.

I have special training in transforming picking eating habits in young children, establishing joyful breastfeeding, beginning confidently complementary first foods for babies, and creating nourishing postpartum care plans after birth & personalized meal plans for babies & new mothers to nourish them after birth.

Reach out to me by a message or call me to have a chat about if this program is a good fit for you and BE ON A JOYFUL NOURISHMENT JOURNEY FROM DAY ONE

Yes, I’m in!!

I want to raise a Happy & Healthy Baby.

what happy moms are saying

Riddhi Mittal Desai

A very healthy yet yummy place to be at! My son loves the recipes shared by Deepti so much that i have get a tough time sessions and keep the bar raised. Deepti has the most approachable, understanding nutritionist i could have com kids are, their times tables from school, extra classes and holidays. Deepti has a solution for all types of meals/nutrition per your comfort level in cooking and fetching the items. I would highly recommend her today and always for her knowledge and have always heard only praises for her work. Am glad to have found her.

Shruti Jain

Each session filled me with wonderful insight about filling my everyday meals with nourishment. The simple tips and tricks have helped my meal times become stress free and joyful. Also, a huge thanks for the one on one session, you patiently answered all my queries and your solutions were all spot on.

Dr. Aditi Agarwal
Mother of Gaurangi ( 11 months old)

Thanks a lot Deepti for the session that u gave me that day. It gave me the confidence to connect with you on a deeper and direct level to gain your knowledge and guidance to nourish my daughter better and in a more wholesome way.

Nisha Ratnakar

I have found Deepti to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition anything to do with eating habits. I trust her advice.The important of feeding baby healthy food & eating right food according to child age.She also made me realise that meals don’t need to be complicated & difficult, it really can be fast & easy. Thank Deepti I really enjoyed my session with you and I also recommend you to all new mom who are facing problems regarding diet and nutrition.

Charvi Sidhar

Amazing experience with Dr. Deepti. Visited at Apollo craddle for lactation consultation, she answered all my queries with patience and understanding my worries as a new mom. She provided guidance for the same throughout the journey till I became comfortable. Strongly recommended!!

Akansha Sood Jaggi

Deepti is very knowledgeable and tries to add variety to child's food plan keeping taste buds in mind. What i really like is to effectively create a food plan keeping growth needs in mind. Thank you for the association.

Neha Jain

Thanks deepti for organizing live sessions and making me part of it, i really enjoyed the experience on all three days. You have taught us that how we can make everyday cooking joyful and nourishing and mindful. Thanks for the rewards.. one week meal plan. i hope this joyful experience continues as i gear up to implement it.

Salma Rehman
Mother of Inaaya (8 months old)

Thanks, Deepti for today's session. It's such a relaxing experience, as I was really worried about my daughter's nutrition and what to offer at this young age.

Your guidance has comforted me.

Would love to connect more with you

Vandana Beniwal

Dr. Deepti Arora is an excellent consultant for Lactation queries. I visited her at Apollo Cradle and she was more than helpful. Doctor listened to my queries in detail and then answered my doubts on each and every point. She honestly spent around an hour on just my issues, which shows her work ethics. She provided her number for any future doubts and even shared some useful articles for references. I would totally recommend Deepti Mam. Thanks Mam.