Are you doubtful to introduce allergens to your baby? Learn the proven ways to start at an early age.

Are you doubtful to introduce allergens to your baby? Learn the proven ways to start at an early age.

Are you still doubtful? 

You want to introduce the allergens to your little one, you know about all the high anti oxidant rich sources yet worried about your efforts might go in vain. May be your baby might show up any allergy. Or you may get a whack from your doctor if anything wrong happened that has triggered your little one’s sudden allergic reaction. 

Cool down. If it happened to her(someone). It’s not a rule, it will happen to you too. So chill. 

I want you to handhold you to your early motherhood journey and empower you with some real facts. So remember this. 

♥ What are Allergies ?

A food allergy is when the immune system has an adverse reaction to a usually harmless proteins, leading to the release of chemicals that cause symptoms such as itching or swelling. 

To help reduce the risk of allergies, it is best to breastfeed exclusively for six months, & there is emerging evidences that introducing foods like egg & peanuts from six months may protect a child from developing allergies later. 

Lets have a deeper understanding of each allergen & how we can have a fun time with each:)

♥Top Food Allergies

The most common fruit allergy is from Kiwi Fruit.

1. All About Egg Allergy 

Being allergic to eggs is much more common in young children than in adults, but most children will outgrow it. 

For sure, when you are first introducing eggs to your baby, check out the below recommendations are based on experience and research. 

a. Introduce Egg Yolk after completion of 6 months(after introducing complimentary foods)

b. If there is no reaction and baby accepts the egg without allergies then egg yolk and whites can be given. 

A child with an egg allergy should be tested by an experienced doctor before eating foods containing egg. 

2. All About Nut Allergy

Remember, when there is no allergy concerns, for babies peanut butter and finely ground nuts can be introduced from six months. 

Peanuts are appropriate to offer baby any time from six months, however it must be done in an appropriate form. 

Peanuts should be initially offered by smearing a small amount of smooth 100% pure peanut on the inside of the baby’s mouth. 

Baby should be observed for 5 mins  7 if no reactions occurs a 1/4 a teaspoon of peanut butter can be offered to your baby. 

Tree Nuts is a lower incidence of allergy to tree nuts in comparison of peanuts, however they are still considered as allergens and should be introduced in the same way as peanuts. 

3. All About Wheat Allergy 

It can take a little longer for baby’s digestive systems to handle again. 

Its often recommended that wheat only be introduced after baby has tolerated non- gluten (e.g. Rice or quinoa)

It’s important not to cut wheat or gluten out of your child’s diet unnecessarily as she may then be at a risk of developing deficiencies in energy, B vitamins & Fiber. 

Download the easy & quick ideas of wheat substitutes here. 

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4. All About Soy Allergy 

Soy is a great non meat protein. 

If your baby is diagnosed with soy allergy then avoiding soy- containing products will be the only way to ensure that your precious little ones does not get the allergic reactions. 

Hope by now you are confident and able to expand your beliefs around allergens

Here are some common Myths about allergens. I wish you you to be alert and confident & introduce allergens without any fears and doubts. 

a. Myth: Children often develop tolerance to cow’s milk, egg, soy & wheat by school going age. 

True: Most food allergies, particularly to milk, eggs, soy & wheat are usually outgrown within the first 10 years of life. 

In contrast, peanut, tree nut, fish & shell fish allergies are often life long allergies. 

b. Myth: Babies those who are exclusively breastfed don’t have food allergies. 

True: In fact, proteins are secreted into breast milk and may elicit a food allergy. In these cases, infants may respond  to a maternal elimination diet. 

More for you dear moms, download the most loved and downloaded resource of food allergens and super easy Food Ideas here. 

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With a note of love and joy & offer confidently your allergens to a little one and Enjoy the lovely journey. And if you find yourself confused on her/his daily nutrition & balanced meals then Raise a Baby Foodie Program would be the one stop solution for you. 

Connect with me to establish your baby’s love for food & introducing with ease & comfort all that he/ she needs to thrive. 

My Best Wishes!